North Korea takes hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on other nations!


The North Korean government seems to be banking on cyber attacks these days as it is hiring other nation hackers on lease to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of developed nations. As per a report compiled by a group of reporters from the New York Times, the said nation is trying to launch cyber attacks through hackers from other nations by hiring their services on the lease.

As many nations like the United States and South Korea have accused North Korean President Kim Jong UN of launching cyber wars against them, Mr. Jong Un ordered his cyber army to take the services of hackers from other nations on lease in order to launch secret attacks in cyberspace.

Symantec has confirmed this news and added that the future targets of these hackers will be institutions like the World Bank, the European Central Bank, and United States big fin corps such as Bank of America.

As per our Cybersecurity Insiders sources, North Korea’s hacking network is immense and encompasses around 1700 hackers aided by more than 5000 trainers, supervisors and others in assisting roles.

But the nation lacks proper infrastructure to support the skills of its cyber army and so it has decided to take the help of hackers from nations such as Russia, China, India, Middle East and some parts of Africa to learn about political and financial secrets of its enemy nations.

For this reason, a team of hackers (around 250 members) who worked for North Korean Army in the segment of cyberspace were sent to different nations on the excuse of gaining better job prospects last year.

However, a recent report published in New York Times said that the sent hackers are still working for North Korea in disguise and are passing on critical info to a special team formed by the Supreme leader on a secret note.

Note- CIA and FBI have confirmed on a joint note that North Korean cyber army were behind the theft of USD 81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh and a 2014 cyber attack of Sony Pictures which rocked the International Film Industry to a great extent.

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