Protect your businesses with these free anti- ransomware tools


Worried about the ongoing concerns related to Wannacry ransomware virus? And are you thinking to up your company’s security ante against hackers who are spreading ransomware?

Then Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you the list of free anti-ransomware tools which can help protect/isolate your business from all variants of ransomware including Wanna cry.

Avast Free Antivirus 2017- This security software maker is offering a free antivirus tool which has the ability to scan all malware including ransomware. The software is a behavior-based detection tool which blocks malicious URLs and keeps you out of phishing scams.

RansomFree- The Cybereason’s RansomFree software is a freely available anti-malware solution which is offered by protection tools that are designed to work alongside users existing solutions. The said anti-malware solution uses heuristic detection to assess any unusual and malicious behavioral patterns. It can help users stay out of Wanna cry by offering protection against Bait files which usually do unusual interactions and then encrypt files.

Kaspersky Anti Ransomware Tool- Russia-based Kaspersky which offers cyber security solutions more to SMBs than home users is offering a free toolkit to block ransomware. The tool runs in the background of the user’s system and scans for any behavioral patterns. And as soon as it identifies malicious activity, it blocks them to keep the users safe from all kinds of ransomware concerns.

Malwarebytes Anti Ransomware Beta solution– Malwarebytes is offering a free anti-malware solution to detect ransomware threats. Their popular Cryptomonitor anti- ransomware tool which is now available in Beta version offers full-fledged behavioral detection package and has proved efficient in multiple tests. Malwarebytes aims to create a multi-layered defense on user’s device with its Cryptomonitor as the software’s each layer plays a specific role in keeping the PC safe and secure from all kinds of cyber-threats.

TrendMicro Lock Screen Ransomware Screen Unlocker- This software offered by the renowned security software provider has the ability to work in 2 different scenarios. Firstly, the tool can be installed using a special keyboard sequence after booting in safe mode. On install, this screen unlocks tool goes for a system scan, and cleans the files and then reboots. In the second scenario, when hackers make ‘SafeMode’ impossible for access, the screen unlock tool can be uploaded onto a pen drive using an uninfected computer and then can be loaded during the boot process of the infected PC.

Microsoft EMET- This software which can be abbreviated as Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) offers extra defense layer to Windows users. It is software that uses mitigation tactics to lower the risks and offers a guaranty against all software exploits. However, it doesn’t work like a magic wand and has the potential to disrupt common exploits.

Duplicati 2.0- The best way to re-access your encrypted files is through backups. So, when the hackers encrypt the files in your database, you can smartly use the backed up files for business continuity during data disasters. Duplicati is one such solution which helps users to create and store files on a cloud solution in an encrypted form. This open sources solution works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, and WebDAV along with Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

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