Ukraine accuses Russia of launching Not Petya Ransomware attack


Ukraine has accused Russia of launching cyber attacks on public and private entities on last Tuesday. The attack which took place on June 27th, 2017 disrupted the work of public and private institutions by locking down their databases.

The initial analysis made by some security experts said that the attack was a Petya malware attack. But experts from Kaspersky later confirmed that the attack was NotPetya ransomware, but was a different malware having characteristic features of Petya.

Ukraine’s security services titled Sluzhba Bezpeky Ukrayiny (SBU) released a fresh statement yesterday which says that the attack was launched Russian hackers who are basically state funded actors operating for Russian military intelligence.

SBU’s statement added that the cyber assault was launched to spread panic among the populace of Ukraine and to disrupt the daily workflow of the companies.

The SBU also released a statement on last Friday which said that law enforcement agencies have seized equipment which is believed to be of Russian agents who were intending to launch a cyber attack on May and June of this year on Ukraine and some other countries.

However the security agency of Ukraine was reluctant to add further details on this note.

Meanwhile, Kremlin sharply criticized the behavior and public statements made by Ukraine. A spokesperson from Kremlin released a public statement just a couple of hours ago and it says that the allegations are simply “unfounded blanket accusations”.

Ukraine’s security agency SBU, however, choose to remain silent on the cyber attack which was launched for the second time on companies operating in its region on Thursday of last week.

United States NSA reacted to the statement of Ukraine and said that it was not at all surprised when it heard that Russia was behind the NotPetya ransomware attack which happened last week. The law enforcement agency of America also issued a warning to other nations by saying that their entire critical infrastructure is vulnerable to hackers funded by Russia and asked them to buck up the security provisions of their infrastructure as soon as possible.

Naveen Goud
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