Britain is being hit by at least two state-funded cyber attacks per day


Jeremy Fleming, the head of GCHQ has disclosed that the digital infrastructure of public and privately owned companies in Britain is being hit by at least two state-funded cyber attacks on a daily note. However, Fleming expects that the recent injection of cash by the British government to bolster National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) will help stop online criminals targeting the said European nation any further in coming months.

Mr. Fleming disclosed that cyber expects of GCHQ have received more than 1131 reports related to hacks in this year. And of them, 590 can be easily classified as significant. This includes the attack on NHS in May when WannaCry ransomware locked the computers of the healthcare organization to the core.

Speaking to the media on the 1st anniversary of NCSC, Fleming clarified that GCHQ’s role has always been to collect and use intelligence to disrupt, divert and frustrate the adversaries and this is being done since 1919. From now, NCSC will take up the role to defend the digital homeland of Britain on a full scale and will try to address all concerns related to cybersecurity on government agencies and organizations.

As per the 2016-17 review report presented by Fleming, NCSC is said to have tackled 600 significant cyber attacks on bodies ranging from national institutions to small business. The head of the cybersecurity agency has also gone ahead in naming nations like North Korea, China, and Russia as major cyber threats to his nation’s critical digital infrastructure.

Naveen Goud
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