China and Russia urge the US to stop espionage and cyber attacks


After learning about CIA’s capability to hack any smart device on this globe, China and Russia have stepped forward to urge the United States to stop espionage and cyber attacks on other countries which include them.

The two powerful nations, who always consider the United States as a foe, reacted to the media revelation made by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange early this week. The controversial media source claimed on Tuesday this week that it has enough proof confirming that United States CIA is capable of hacking smart TVs, connected cars, Android phones and Apple phones located in any part of the world.

Wikileaks Assange also added that the batch of documents it released on Tuesday against CIA was just the start and more will follow in coming weeks.

According to Daily Mail, Russia is suspected of giving Wikileaks documents about CIA hacking which US officials say contain authentic information.

In the meantime, Donald Trump’s government has directed FBI to launch a criminal probe aimed at finding the source of leaked documents. As per our sources, the government of United States is serious on the leaked documents which are related to its internet affairs and is worried that media could blow this controversy out of proportion- as it did in the case of Edward Snowden leaking secrets of NSA.

On Thursday this week, Chinese Foreign Minister’s spokesperson Geng Shuang issued a media briefing from Beijing. It said that China is extremely disappointed with the way its peers are launching cyber attacks on it and added that the entire populace of China is opposing the cyber attacks and is collectively urging the United States to stop its wiretapping, surveillance, espionage and cyber attacks against China and other countries.

So, are the authorities from White House listening…?

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