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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has put the blame of Cambridge Analytica scandal surrounding his company on the long-serving COO Sheryl Sandberg and declared that his company was at war against certain media outlets which he blames for the company’s nightmare 2 yrs.

Returning to a combative leadership observed at the inception of the social media firm in 2004, Mr. Zuckerberg claimed Sandberg’s immaturity for ill-handling the scandal in the media.

Sheryl shifted to the Facebook platform in 2008 after serving for several years in one of the entrusted roles in Google. From then on she has been handling the company’s Communication strategies.
Zuckerberg believes that Sheryl’s feebleness in handling the press led to the situation where Facebook users started to show more interest in deleting their accounts due to data privacy concerns.

2.) News is out that two hackers have been jailed for their roles in a 77 million pound TalkTalk Cyber attack which led to the info leak of more than 1.6 million accounts.

Mathew Hanley, 23, is one of the men in the discussion who broke in the website of the telecom carrier in 2015 to steal customer info. Connor Allsopp, 21, happens to the friend of Mr. Hanley who passed on the stolen details to a hacker in Africa for fraud. The former has been asked to serve a 12 months jail term while the latter has been asked to serve a jail term of 8 months.

UK’s data watchdog imposed a penalty of £ 400,000 for failing to secure the info of its customers from hackers.

The pair is also accused of blackmailing the then- Talk Talk CEO Dido Harding after the hack.

3.) Cybersecurity Insiders scribes are reporting that a hacking group has gained access to thousands of Italian classified email accounts which includes data of magistrates, security officials, and few of the top-notch politicians.

Roberto Baldoni, the in-charge of the state cybersecurity unit has confirmed the news and said that the attack could have been launched on govt servers located in Rome in between Nov 10th to 15th of this year.

Note- The servers located in Rome are reported to have been handling certified email accounts for the public administration from the past 7 years.

Mr. Baldoni says that the hackers could have accessed data from around 50K accounts including those of 9K magistrates as well as officials from a government security agency. The individual, however, did not accept nor deny the media reports stating that accounts of ministers and spy chiefs or military bigwigs had also been breached in the incident.

The IT department handling the Italian certified email accounts is urging all the officials to change their passwords on an immediate note.

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