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Oracle has finally decided to make its business hold strong in Cloud Security by announcing new services at the annual Open World Conference held in San Francisco this week. The latest set of service portfolio is intended to cut down the complexity in configuring cloud security by automating most of the security processes at the core.


Oracle Data Safe, Oracle Cloud Guard, and Oracle Maximum Security Zones are the services which help simplify cloud security services for organizations that are or will plan to move their application services to the cloud.




1.) Australia has accused China of launching a cyberattack on its Parliament and political parties in Feb this year and said that the attack was meant to gather intelligence and to create a democratic political dormancy in the country.


The findings were revealed to the media yesterday and the Australian Cyber Intelligence Agency- the Australian Signals Directorate has endorsed the news.


Chinese Foreign Ministry has immediately reacted to the news by denying the allegations right away and said that the internet was being filled with a lot of theories which are hard to believe and trace.


The Australian security agencies also believe that the state and territorial electoral commissions were also targeted by Chinese hackers early this year which was the work of a sophisticated hacking group funded by the Chinese government. It is however not clear on whether the data was successfully accessed by the hackers, what type of data was accessed and where the data was transmitted?


2.) In other news related to Cybersecurity, Ukraine has accused Russia that the 2016 cyber-attack which took place on its power grid was intended to inflict physical damage to the transmission and supply stations resulting in a complete blackout.


This was revealed in a study conducted by an Industrial based cybersecurity firm named Dragos from MD, USA.


Going forward the study says that in Dec’16, hackers funded by Russian government managed to induct a malware named “Crash Override” or “Industroyer” into the control systems of Ukrenergo- Ukraine’s National Power Grid. The malicious software was inducted just 2 days before Christmas leading to a circuit breaker in power transmission across the capital Kyiv and some parts of the state.


As Ukraine’s Power Grid Engineers were able to restore the power in about an hour, the incident became an eye-opener to the country and the world, on how threat hackers could damage the integrity of nation by offering a power blackout in the country.


Russia has readily denied the news and stated that Ukraine was planting false stories on the web to tarnish the image of the leader President Vladimir Putin and their country.

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