Obama had a plan to combat cyber attacks on Election Day

Former US President Barack Obama had plans to combat cyber attacks on Election Day. And this surprising news was leaked out to Time by a close associate who worked for Obama administration until last year.

Time reported that the plan to combat cyber attacks on election day included ideas such as sending armed federal law enforcement agents to polling places where a cyber attack impact on election infrastructure was anticipated. And this includes polling stations governed by state, local, tribal and territorial governments

After the November 8th,2016 US elections many media resources claimed in their reports that the election results were influenced by cyber attacks influenced by the government of Russia.

In December 2016, Barack Obama and his administration reacted to the reports by asking FBI and CIA to conduct a probe into this matter to find out the facts.

So, in early January 2016, the CIA submitted a report that said that the 2016 US Polls were influenced by Russia. But the law enforcement failed to disclose further details to the media with an excuse that it was not allowed to do so.

In June 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted to the media claims on a positive note by saying that the attacks could have been launched by some patriotic populace of Russia who was in no way connected to the government of Russian Federation.

Means, Putin literally admitted that an influence of some sort was made on US elections 2016 by some cyber forces that were not part of his government.

Meanwhile, the 45th US President Donald Trump said that the whole issue was blown out of proportion by the media and that the probe launched by Obama and his associates was simply a witch hunt which could not be proved in reality.

Naveen Goud
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