Ransomware attack on Medical Billing company Wolverine Solutions Group


A Ransomware attack which took place on Medical Billing company called Wolverine Solutions Group (WSG) is said to have compromised data of more than 120,000 Health Alliance Plan(HAP) clients. However, the company spokesperson said on Wednesday that only the data was encrypted on the servers and none of the information was gone outside the network.

McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital which is one of the clients of Wolverine Solutions Group has issued a press statement yesterday that the attack took place in Sept’18 which affected several servers, including one which contains personal data such as name, address, DoB, social security numbers, insurance info, and medical records.

Healthcare services providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and North Ottawa Community Health System are also reportedly impacted by the data breach. Around 100,000 records and 15,000 patient records from the said health care providers were among those affected by the ransomware attack respectively.

As Wolverine Solutions Group offers paper billing statements to the patients of its clients, those connected to the Michigan based company are said affected by the attack.

WSG has started to mail out notices to the impacted patients from December 28th of last year and will continue to do so till the end of March’19.

Note- Ransomware attack is a kind of malware attack where cyber crooks induce data encrypting malware into a database by various means and block the data access until a ransom is paid- usually in Cryptocurrency.

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