US to intensify its Cyber Attack campaign against North Korea


The United States is all set to intensify its cyber attack campaign against North Korea in coming weeks. As per a news report aired by Sky News, the federal government is all set to intensify its cyber and electronic warfare against its enemy nations such as Russia, China, and North Korea.

According to the New York Times, US President Donald Trump has asked his associates to think on a plan to destroy Kim Jong Un’s nuclear sites. The issue was also discussed with UK Prime Minister Theresa May on her recent trip to America and she agreed to support the intentions of Trump and his closest military advisers.

As per a Daily Mail report, Trump has asked CIA to prepare a special team to launch pre-emptive strikes against the nuclear power of North Korea. Remember, the team is well capable of intercepting any kind of digital infrastructure of any nation in this entire world.

By launching attacks filled with firepower, President Trump wants to heap pressure on nations like Russia and China that his government is not going tolerate any kind of secretive activities which are going to negatively influence America’s integrity and security.

Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to note a point over here that the report comes just after the media reports came in that the failed ballistic missile tests of North Korea was due to the interference of US cyber army.

Meanwhile, media is buzzing with reports that Trump’s intentions to destroy America’s enemies can instigate World War 3.

Last week, tensions reached a boiling point, when a fleet of US warship arrived in the waters of Korea including the US aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson. Thus, media started to report that it’s time for trump war.

Strengthening the media reports were the pictures posted by US Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein on social media, which were being circulated with the title “Fight’s on!”
In one of his latest tweets, the US President said that America’s military was building on a rapid note to become stronger, as it has no choice.

Reacting to the tweet, a spokesperson of Kim Jung Un has said that Pyongyang is not going to tolerate US pressure anymore. The spokesperson added that North Korea knows to handle such situations very well. Sky News reported that North Korea will conduct nuclear missile tests in the coming week again and this time with a very cautious approach.

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