Russia could have cyber attacked the Brexit Referendum website

Members of the Commons Public Administration Committee have warned UK populace that the Brexit Referendum Website could have been hit by cyber attacks. Last year, on June 7th, the official voter registration website crashed just hours before the deadline for people to sign up for Brexit referendum. So, the members of the committee feel that website crash of Brexit vote could have been influenced by the nation’s top enemies like Russia and China.

The warning comes amid media claims that Russia interfered in the elections of US 2016 polls which went in favor of Donald Trump.

UK’s top news resource Daily Mail claims that the last day of the voting witnessed an unusual spike in demand of more than 500,000 people trying to register on the final day. This unusual traffic demand made the site crash and this could have been a result of a DDoS attack via so-called botnets controlled by hackers to devastate the site.

Though security analysts claim that the crash had not materialistic influence on the result of the referendum, it taught a crucial lesson to the organizers that enemy nations are always looking for an opportunity to down the integrity of UK by plotting a kind of political instability in the nation.

On seeing the intensity of the cyber threat, the committee has requested the cabinet office, the electoral commission, local government, GCHQ and the new government established cyber security center to deploy permanent machinery for monitoring the cyber activity of elections and referendums.

In the meantime, the latest news hour of Leading Britain Conversation (LBC) believed that Russia has intentions to devastate the critical infra of UK and US anytime soon. And that’s due to the fact that Trump is interfering in Syrian conflicts.

More details will be updated shortly!

Naveen Goud
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