Cyber Attack news currently trending on Google


1.) Instagram has tweeted yesterday that it was aware of a bug that could have caused the drain out of millions of followers from its celebrity profiles which includes some big names such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and such…

The photo-sharing website is currently working on the fix and has apologized to its users for losing millions of followers due to the technical glitch. For instance, Pop Queen Ariana Grande and fashionista Kyle Jenner lost 3 million and 1.2 million followers on Monday and Tuesday as a result of the bug which was discovered by the IT staff Facebook-owned form on the early hours of Wednesday.

2.) In other news related to data hack, renowned news resource ‘The Register’ has reported recently that hackers have sold data from over 607 million accounts on the dark web. And the info was siphoned from various resources such as Dubsmash, MyFitnessPal, My Heritage, ShareThis, HauteLook, Animoto, EyeEm, 8fit, Whitepages, Fotolog, Armor Games, BookMate, CofeeMeetsBagel, Artsy, Datacamp, and 500px.

The London based news firm says that the dumped data is available for $20,000 in BTC for purchase and a seller with the username ‘gnosticplayers’ is reported to be selling the info on an installment basis.

Thus, security researchers are urging online users to change their passwords on a frequent note and check if they have been swept by the crime by logging onto ‘Have I Been Pwned’.

3.) Meanwhile, coming to the 3rd news which is currently trending on Google, Eric Xu, a top Chinese Executive of Huawei is accusing the United States and its President Donald Trump for tarnishing the image of the company in the international arena.

Xu claims that the allegations that his company manufactured equipment was conducting espionage for Chinese intelligence were false and completely baseless.

Some people and nations are trying to put international pressure to get leverage over China in trade talks.

Eric Xu’s comments came after Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, said that European countries were risking damaging relations with America by continuing the use of Huawei products.

4.) FBI has issued a public statement yesterday saying it has arrested the second guy related to Apophis Squad- where a group of hackers uses the internet to cause chaos in the world via various means.

George Duke Cohan, 19, is the leader of the group and hails from Hertfordshire, UK. He was arrested in August’18 and has been sentenced to serve a 3-year prison in the UK. Timothy Dalton happens to the second main guy of Apophis Squad who was arrested in this week in North Carolina, US.

Both the accused are facing criminal sentences for launching DoS attacks against online web portals, making foxy phone calls and sending email threats to schools, government offices and airports and launching phishing attacks.

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