Sensational Cyber Attack news for the day


When the heading says it’s sensational we mean it by all means….and here’s the proof

1.) Facebook workers are reportedly turning against their company founder Mark Zuckerberg for spying on user calls & posts and signing secret deals with data firms to sell user data. And the crux is that they want their founder to resign and hand over the company reigns to an able person.

A UK based news source has published a post yesterday which says that all those phones operating in the UK and having the facebook app are experiencing espionage as the social media giant is accused of spying on user calls, texts, and data stored on their respective phones.

MP Damian Collins 250-page document published yesterday exposes more info on this news as the report consists of emails and private messages exchanged between the facebook staff disclosing the bunker mentality of Mr. Zuckerberg.

Further, news is out that Facebook signed a deal with companies like Netflix and Airbnb offering them special access to user data and spied on Android users’ calls and texts.

Note- In November this year, Mr. Collins used special parliamentary powers to seize docs from the staff.

2.) NHS Britain which experienced a Wanna cry ransomware attack in May last year is back in news for similar reasons. News is out that a state-funded hacking group managed to intercept the database of the government-funded healthcare agency to steal critical genetic info of nearly 80,000 patients. Mind you the data was being guarded by a top security military base and still, the hacking group managed to get a sniff of the info.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the project named Genomic England Project was aimed to map genes of more than a million NHS patients to let them informed if they have any rare diseases. And such info is said to prove lucrative to hackers as they can use the data to blackmail the patients on an individual note or the NHS to suffice their financial needs. This cyber attack story was published in the Telegraph which quoted that the attacks came from either Russia or China- based on the evidence provided by MedConfidential.

3.) BT, a UK based multinational telecommunication and broadband company has disclosed to remove Huawei equipment from powering its 3G and 4G mobile networking services. The company added in its statement that it was planning to use the same company’s equipment in the future 5G network upgrade. But BT has now decided to back off from the plan due to the alert issued by Britain’s Foreign Intelligence Service MI6 which said that the Chinese firm was offering equipment conducting espionage.

FYI, US, New Zealand, and Australia have already declared that they have stopped using Huawei’s equipment in new 5G networks because they suspect that the manufacturer conducts espionage on its user as per the instructions from the Chinese government.

4.) Two Iranian nationals were recently indicted by the US Attorney Office, Northern Georgia for launching the March 2018 Sam Sam Ransomware attack on Atlanta City’s Government services for almost 5 days on a consistent note.

Farmarz Shahi Savandi and Mohammed Mehdi Shah Mansouri are the persons in discussions who reportedly encrypted 3,789 critical files in the Atlanta City’s database through Sam Sam malware.

As there was foolproof evidence to prove the two individuals as culprits along with the screenshot evidence of their attempts to extort Bitcoins from the Atlanta Officials, the district judge pronounced charges under the computer fraud and abuse act (CFAA).

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